Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why the dominant cultural Marxists feel threatened by Trump

It has been all but taboo to include the quality of people in discussing economic growth, immigration, innovation, the arts, and culture in general, including political culture. This has been largely due to the cultural Marxism now prevailing in the West which has buried nature in an orgy of nurture.

Culture is created first by the traits and qualities of the people who create the culture, and nurturing follows, although of course the two work together. The big growth of America between 1940 and 1970 happened during a time of immigration and trade restrictions, when Northern European or at least European people and economic nationalism were favored. General growth stopped when these restrictions were lifted and a small elite in global business and the Big Media emerged at the expense of everyone else.

The dominance of cultural Marxism promoted by global business and the Big Media blockaded nature with incessant nurture propaganda. For example, the domestication of modern men became the feminization of men, whereas domestication should mean the traditional civilizing behavior of the gentleman.

The Trump and Hillary presidential competition now taking place is really a nature versus nurture competition, guts versus brains as someone said. Nature/quality has been buried by nurture/quantity, and Trump at least is moving away from the nurture/quantity dominance and toward nature/quality. The dominant cultural Marxists feel very threatened and are hitting back with all the Big Media at their command. But people are not paying much attention to them.

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