Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Religious and scientific opposites come together

Is “perspective” only artificially calculated and not really important? So say the postmodernists, influenced by Nietzsche. Perspective can be biased by disordered human psychology or by culture. It is not easy to see real nature and human nature, although it would be easier without such distortions as cultural Marxism.

When real human nature is the codified perspective than we tend to get traditional culture. The real “alienation” comes from being blocked by the drugged cloud of such things as postmodernism, and not from traditional culture. The traditional perspective relates to real human nature, where kin and group are affirmed over the individual, although there is individual selection within groups. And this is not the same as the traditionalist school where all things material are considered illusions.

A real religious and philosophical perspective does not come from only rationally standing above or from only emotional seeing from within, it comes from the Twofold Path combining the inward and outward paths, where intuition and peripheral vision are included with reason. Religious and scientific opposites come together, disjunctions converge, and there is no real duality between the spiritual and material, all things including Godhood are material or supermaterial.

We are living and selecting ourselves and our groups as we all evolve in the material and supermaterial world toward Godhood, with many starts and stops and lies and truths along the way. It is basically an ordered evolution where the goal is largely determined but the path is more free and naturally selected, like E. O. Wilson's boulder rolling down a mountain. This is the perspective of theological materialism.


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