Thursday, September 01, 2016

Beyond Gesamtkunstwerk

Can metaphor be more than two differences linked? The total words that the German language is so fond of, like "Gesamtkunstwerk" (artistic creation that encompasses various arts), which Wagner and Nietzsche tracked to Ancient Greece, find a deeper metaphor in theological materialism, which combines two things thought impossible to link, the spiritual and the material.

In the grand religious/philosophical metaphor of theological materialism the spiritual is seen as material or more precisely as the supermaterial, and arrived at through material evolution. Traditional religion and much of philosophy sees it the other way around, material things are considered grand illusions of the real spiritual world. That is a very deep “transvalution of values” which even Nietzsche seems to have believed, as his will to power seems to be a non-material force. Heidegger's Being also seems to be non-material and spiritual.

In private caves and public monasteries the ascetics sought to block the material world and material desires so as to experience the God Within, both Christ and Buddha strongly promoted this Inward Path. And the “truth” most philosophers sought was seen as a nonmaterial idea. But the Twofold Path of theological materialism sees the God within as only the first glimpse or experience---which is a blissful experience better than drugs---of the real Godhood reached in various levels of the Outward Path of material evolution. The Twofold Path does not reject traditional religion it retains and transforms it.

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