Friday, September 30, 2016

Anti-white “Whiteness Studies”

There is a big difference between caring about ones ethnic identity and hating other ethnic identities, but these have been linked together by the corrupt academy and the Big Media.

In a healthy world people would object to the anti-white “Whiteness Studies” which are now taught in our decadent and corrupt colleges and universities.

The bitter irony is that this anti-white movement has been promoted not only by clueless modern liberals but by ethnic groups intent on their own ethnic dominance. How is that for diabolical?

I eventually realized that many of the racist groups which push hate against other races are full of trolls (or even originated by trolls) who know that promoting this hatred will help destroy the identity groups they hide within. Avoid such groups.

Real human nature cannot be blocked forever by the real haters. Real human nature remains basically group and ethnic selecting, because this offers the best survival and reproductive advantages.

That is why ethnopluralism is one of the things featured on this blog, along with the philosophy of theological materialism. The healthy way to deal with the natural differences and competitions between ethnic groups is not to hate one another but to affirm regions and states set aside for distinct ethnic cultures so that they can be what they are.

This can even be accommodated by the constitutional separation of powers and states, with perhaps a few new amendments. Civil disturbances are not necessary. Civil war is not necessary. Federalism can protect the whole.

If we have to hate something we should hate the diabolical and corrupt taboos against affirming ethnic identity---although the taboos seem now to be meant only for affirming a white identity.

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