Sunday, September 04, 2016

Social problems from unreal abstractions

Conservative Christians define such modern liberal mistakes as sexual freedom and gender sameness as negative and unreal abstractions, but then they go on to affirm the even bigger abstraction of spirituality claiming that abstraction can make us all love one another. It has not worked. The latest street disruptions between black and white seem even more full of hatred than the “love-ins “ of the 1960's which nearly tore our country apart.

Real respect for others needs to take into account what human nature actually is. Human beings remain kin centered and group or ethnic centered and real respect comes from allowing distinct people to live and worship in their own distinct ways, and not jammed together in the same abstract multicultural space. This logically and emotionally suggests an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, well protected by a federalism limiting itself to that protection.

We could actually do this legally due to the constitutional separation of powers and states, even if a few amendments to the Constitution are necessary. It is certainly worth the effort since the alternative seems to be increasing civil disruptions, civil war and the fall of the West.

Worshiping together has not been enough to bond and harmonize “multicultural” societies. Religious and political problems always go back to abstractions and ideologies with little or no basis in reality. But absurd as it sounds we can retain bonds of religion, Godhood, and political philosophy without unreal abstractions. The great spiritual blockade of material life and material evolution was promoted mainly for the sake of experiencing the inward God or the Father Within. That Inward Path can be retained but transformed in the Outward Path to the real Godhood reached through material evolution, grounded in the concrete reality of real nature, real human nature, and real evolution, which requires variety, separation, and differences, as we all evolve toward Godhood.

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