Thursday, September 08, 2016

Like their followers, Trump and Hillary simply do not understand one another

I think the generational divide between a 70 year old man who went to military school and then to business school, and those who have been indoctrinated in politically correct cultural Marxism in college has been underestimated, they simply do not understand each another. Think of the smart-ass college sophomore and uncle Pete trying to communicate at the family picnic. This also explains why Trump appeals to non-college educated populists who, like Trump, are not foolish enough to buy the lies of the corrupt Big Media.

I think “the people” would vote for Trump even if he said he was against the equal rights amendment, against affirmative action, against feminism, or even against giving the the vote to women. But that might allow Hillary to win. The question is will there be enough Trump voters who have given up on voting because they believe the corruption is too deep to change? We can't believe the biased polls that's for sure.

Even if Trump is somehow elected president will he be able to overcome the power of Global Business and the Big Media? Perhaps conservatives will have to live with merely going in the right direction---that essentially defines conservatism anyway.

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