Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Suicide of Swedes and Germans

The multiple stabbings yesterday in the Minnesota Mall by someone shouting Allah is great shows that the suicidal altruism of Swedes and German in Minnesota is the same at it is in Sweden and Germany. Minnesota Swedes and Germans have happily brought in an estimated 20,000 Somalis refugees (and growing), and that is adding to 63,619 Hmong refugees (and growing)---and both groups are mainly not assimilating.

We are seeing the dying of a great branch of northern people, who developed their altruism due to very difficult survival conditions during and following the last Ice Age where strong altruism and sacrifice were the only way to survive. This natural altruism has been diabolically exploited for many years in our educational system which teaches cultural Marxism.

So it will take an equally strong educational system to discourage accepting unassimilating immigrants. That may take more time than we have. So stronger means of preventing the suicide of Swedes and Germans will probably be tried... I continue to believe that preventing the great suicide should be done legally, even if it takes a few amendments to the Constitution.

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