Monday, September 05, 2016

Great art is the affirmation of the sacred

Beauty and form above subject matter? That idea is part of the perversion of art for artists, not for the public---if you can call them artists. Poetry has done the same thing in being written for other poets---although black rap does reach the public as obscene nursery rhymes (if you compare rap to Shakespeare you are a fool.) It is all empty ideology, like modern liberal politics, feminism, transgenderism, etc etc etc, with no basis in the biological reality of human nature. Great art was formed around the affirmation of sacred religion, and religion is not present in art today, nothing is present in art today, other than the ridiculous.

Here is a simple phrase: great art is the affirmation of the sacred. Great art has a constant sacred theme but an ever-changing character. The sacred may not be portrayed exactly the same for all people but that is what the separation of powers, states and people is all about. The sacred remains. My sacred art points toward evolutionary realism because life is evolving toward sacred material/supermaterial Godhood, and realism best affirms this for the group.

Modern critics have the perverted personalities to define classical Greek art as simply “racist” or “xenophobic.” Why aren't such critics thrown out of journalism? It's the same old corrupt, nefarious, and highly destructive Big Media, which needs to be understood as helping to destroy Western culture, not create it. They have to be held accountable if we are ever to have great art again.

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