Sunday, September 11, 2016

Can the lamb and the wolf be friends?

The “immaterial” lamb (the God or Father-Within) of the revealed religions has largely not brought the material “wolf” into the fold where they might lie down together in some leafy glade. The revealed religions have said that only the lamb can be king and wear the crown, and in response the wolf has denied the lamb. Material life demands life.

This is not a dance of destruction, the lamb and wolf can live together in the leafy, but competitive, glade of evolution, but differences and separations need to be protected. The God Within of the Inward Path is the virtual Godhood which is attained in the reality of the Outward Path of evolution toward Godhood.

The wolf needs liberation from the Great Spiritual Blockade which has hung over the religious world for so many centuries, but the ascetic vision of the lamb is not destroyed by the wolf, that has been the mistake of nonreligious liberalism. The Twofold Path conservatively retains both.

In theological materialism the lamb-God-Within is seen as the precursor of the wolf-God-Without. The Involutionary Inward Path of the lamb leads to the Evolutionary Outward Path of the wolf. (One could also use the symbol of the tiger as the Outward Path and the domesticated horse as the Inward Path)

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