Monday, September 12, 2016

The fear of determinism in every field

The pervasiveness of the fear of determinism in every field of knowledge is surprising. It exists not only in the nature/nurture debates of sociobiology and psychology but within the debates over which national territories were the first to evolve Homo sapiens, the traditionalism/Marxism debates, and even within physics where the “indeterminacy” of the “superposition” now seems to rule.

It always comes back to the physical, the material, at least for me, where seemingly free and random movements are more like the boulder rolling down the mountain with physical forces determining the paths. When the wind blows the leaves of the tree it is not a mystical force, it is physical, planetary, weather forces.  I think the superposition in physics remains tied to physical forces still needing to be better determined.

And in the same way Godhood, the Spirit, and the Soul are material or supermaterial forces, they are not immaterial, spiritual, indeterminate, mystic forces. The Spirit, or Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, is a material or supermaterial force within life that helps activate life to evolve steadily toward Godhood in the universe, with many starts and stops along the way due to having to work in conjunction with the ups and downs of natural evolution.

So why this pervasive fear of determinism? It seems tied to our drives toward survival and reproductive success, mostly unconscious, and we simply can't accept any force as being determined to control us or win over us, unless it is a force which allows us to win---even if we have to invent the force. This makes the truth about these things hard to come by.

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