Friday, April 01, 2016

Will we contradict Spengler?

Our nation now seems doomed to decayed cities, terrible schools, slums, gangs, high taxes, radicalized minorities, demagogues, pornography, homosexuality, petty oligarchs, fast-food, strip malls... I could go on... All of this decline was instigated by the culturally Marxist dreams (or schemes) of the Big Media, the academic world, many businessmen, and most of our venal politicians...So is it all over for America?

One doesn't like to think of ones ancestors as having been fools, not so much for what they did personally, but for policies they allowed. Our ancestors foolishly believed that all religions and philosophies, all ethnic groups, all people, black, brown, beige, yellow, red, or white could assimilate and become as the model Northern Europeans who founded and developed America. But real human nature doesn't work that way.

As I have often written here before, distinct characteristics set people apart, as the solid evolutionary sciences have been telling us for many years, and it is overdo time to acknowledge our unassimilable differences. Assimilation has deep cultural, biological, and psychological components. The real antidote to most of the world's problems is not globalism, centralization, counter-revolution, cultural imperialism, military intervention, or massive immigration, the real antidote is devolution, separation, and moving from the big to the small.

I don't believe we should give up on the United States even if we seem to be moving toward that great decline and fall which Oswald Spengler claimed was inevitable. We still have means, even legal means, to save the good old U. S. A. by paying attention to the constitutional principle of the separation of powers and states which could accommodate the saving grace of ethnopluralism.

Those who supported, and now support, massive immigration, cultural imperialism, and globalism, are recognizable enemies of world peace and order. This is not advocating isolationism, we can deal with one another, but not through the forced assimilation of people and cultures which cannot be assimilated. Devolution and separation with an ethnopluralism of regions and states is the most sane, rational, and even emotionally satisfying long-term solution to our problems. I think we have good reason to contradict Spengler. Europe, Russia, China would do well to do the same, because they are facing the same human problems. Healthy people will not go down without a fight.

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