Tuesday, April 05, 2016

What is next for the West?

A few traditional Christian conservatives have been powerful in their objections to the decline of the West. I think of Pat Buchanan and Srdja Trifkovic who have been warning us about the actual mandate of Islam being war (jihad) against believers and the establishment of Sharia law over everything, and also warned us about how cultural Marxism has actually welcomed the decline of the West, like some perverted cuckold. Christianity is never blamed, only the Other is blamed. Why pile on with more criticism of Christianity and Western culture?

Here is why: the weakness of traditional religions, which include Christianity, is the foundation of non-material spiritualism. Friedrich Nietzsche saw this as a major cause of the decline of the West and he rejected religion in favor of power-for-the-sake-of-power. Science as well as the philosophical followers of Nietzsche also rejected religion, and welcomed cultural Marxism, gross consumerism for the sake of consumerism, or the empty abstractions of science. This did not save the West, it led to the relatively of values and nihilism which now cannot protect the West from decline and fall.

So what is next? Human nature always finds its way back to human nature, legally or illegally, conservatively or radically. In political philosophy this I think will lead toward the natural separations of ethnopluralism, with ethnic regions and states rising from the decline of imperialism. And I believe theological materialism will be the next stage of religion, retaining the past inward religion, but transforming it by affirming the outside material evolution to real supermaterial Godhood. This can at least remove the dead end of spiritual non-materialism, which has left the West unable to defend itself.

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