Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What Is Art?

Can we reserve the definition of art to the affirmation of the sacred? That seems to define the greatest art as seen in religious tradition and in the heroic art of human history.

You will notice that defining what is sacred leaves open cultural differences, although the sacred is basically the affirmation of a saint, a high hero, or a nation. And “affirmation” includes many styles and periods.

The past hundred years of a few snotty intellectuals declaring that garbage or balloon dogs are art has been a farce, powerful yes, but a farce played on us all.

Let's say to hell with them---but watch out for the gender-free bathrooms because they may steal the urinals.

From here we can define high and low art as affirming the sacred in their own ways, from folk songs (even rock songs) to sacred masses and high art museum pieces. The greatest periods in human history defined art this way, and this can move art into the future.

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