Sunday, April 03, 2016

How life has more meaning than modern philosophy or science claims

Those who suggest that life cannot have objective meaning, or that life can only have relative values, do so by rejecting the unfree activation of life itself. We may be free to choose but it is always choice within the realities of determined elements which define life.

Life has real objective meaning in that biology activates life to do real living things, which we are not legitimately free to reject. To reject the meaning of the real activation of life and biology is to virtually accept death as meaning.

We can even go further in finding determined meaning in life when we affirm the objective reality of  goals in biological evolution, or a teleology of biological evolution, that moves---with starts and stops---toward the zenith of higher evolution, which defines Godhood. This of course is rarely accepted by modern philosophy or science (or even religion) but I think it defines the ultimate or highest determined meaning of life, biology and evolution. This theological materialism gives a vital religious foundation to the meaning of life.

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