Saturday, April 09, 2016

The suicidal form of altruism

If we spent $35 billion dollars on aid to disadvantaged students in the U.S. and another $35 billion on aid to gifted education in the U.S., that would about equal what our government and philanthropic organizations spend on aid overseas. Then there is such things as the supposed military aid we give to Middle Eastern monarchies and dictatorships to help them establish the blessings of democracy. And this aid is also seen in the open borders Europe has offered to millions of immigrants, who are now overwhelming Europe.

This is really suicidal altruism exploited by those who benefit from the weakening of America and the West. You know who they are, global big business, defense contractors, powerful lobbies, liberal politicians, the Big Media, and unassimilated minority groups. Some people, for example, naive college students, suburban soccer moms, and even universally-centered Christians actually believe in this kind of suicidal altruism, which has been indoctrinated by the cultural Marxist and the other venal exploiters of political correctness. Even supposedly really bright people like Bill Gates sends billions overseas in this sort of displaced altruism.

I know this sounds very cynical about human nature, but altruism really is not defined as the sort of suicidal behavior promoted by the exploiters of altruism, whether they are naive or not. Altruism arose within human nature genetically and culturally as the most successful way for various ethnic groups to successfully survive against competing groups. As the sociobiologists say, selfishness beats altruism within groups, but altruistic groups beat selfish groups. This remains basic human nature today.

And it is not only politically oriented groups that have promoted this damaging form of altruism, religion also promoted an impossible form of universal altruism by preaching that real human nature is “evil,” long before the cultural Marxists did so. Only strictly ascetics monks can attain such non-materialism by basically blocking all the forces of life and all the forces of human nature within themselves so as to experience the God Within, which should be seen as only a small secondary part of religion (see theological materialism).

We do really need to ask the question, who benefits from the hypertrophied form of altruism taken to these suicidal heights?

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