Friday, April 15, 2016

How Hillary Clinton is a complete phony

Watching the morning news talk shows I was struck again with how completely phony Hillary Clinton is, beginning with the actual stupidity of her modern liberalism, which she and her womanizing husband imbibed during the cultural Marxism of the weed-smoking 1960's, to the phony feminism Hillary attempts to represent which actually denies real human nature, to the savage neoconservative/neoliberal foreign policy she promotes which in reality bullies ( isn't she against nasty bullies?) the whole world into becoming slaves to the Wall Street bankers, under the disguise of offering the world equality and democracy.

Do stupid presidential candidates come from stupid people, or from clever Big Media manipulators of the people? Stupid people fall for such manipulations. Not only would Donald Trump make a less dangerous president than Hillary, your local garbage collector would make a better president---and  I'm not exaggerating. I can only think that if Hillary becomes president a hard rain is going to fall, but it ain't going to be inspired by the imitation folk songs of Bob Dylan, it will come from a people desperate to save themselves from certain decline and fall.

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