Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The commitment to higher civilization

Our civilized security is not inevitable. Much of the rest of the world does not live under the civilized conditions of the West. We take the West so much for granted that our individual rights and our civilized institutions can slowly slip away barely without notice, although we sense that something is wrong.

Some people even welcome the abandonment of our civilization, believing in the ideology (fantasy) of universal equality and global homogeneity. Or some believe in the opposite supremacy of one people over all others, which requires a totalitarian government and leads to the violent loss of all freedoms. Both the far left socialist/communists and far right fascist/supremacists promote this sort of totalitarian fantasy. But some prefer an effete modern liberalism (cultural Marxism) which destroys the West a bit slower.

Some people, often academics, buy into the ideology that all values are relative, and so the best we can do is accept our fate and live as authentically as we can. Or some people say all we can do is love one another within the ruins.

I want to save Western civilization by affirming real human nature as defined by the biological sciences, and by including real future evolution within the Western tradition. This is the character, tone, and guiding belief behind the philosophy of theological materialism and ethnopluralism, that is, holding to Western civilization, defending it, while transforming it. This is deep conservatism. This kind of defense of the West requires reason and real belief.

We are evolving in the competitive and often devious world toward the Godhood first hinted at by traditional religions, the Godhood now seen as material or supermaterial, and reached through evolution. To best accomplish this noble and sacred mission we need to form ourselves, all of us, into smaller ethnic regions, states, and ethnic cultures which follow the Western constitutional principle of the separation of powers and states, strongly protected by the rule of conservative Western law.

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