Thursday, April 28, 2016

The true beginning of religion

“A people's religion, their faith, creates their culture, and their culture creates their civilization. And when faith dies, the culture dies, the civilization dies, and the people begin to die.'” (Pat Buchanan)

I would add to the above wise statement something that occurs even before religion begins this line of classification: Life, biology, activates a people's religion as a means not only to create a culture that can help the people successfully survive and reproduce, but more than religion or science has yet to acknowledge, life is activated by the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood which seeks to activate life, working within the natural material world, to evolve toward  the zenith of evolution, or Godhood---and that is the true beginning of religion, which was only first symbolized in the traditional religions....A lost Christian faith irretrievable in the West? No, a faith that needs transforming.

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