Friday, December 27, 2019

In the Twofold Path the hero can supersede the saint

Tirips is not like the soul other than both having the destination of Godhood, but they define Godhood and the method to Godhood differently and oppositely.

Tirips, or the will to Godhood, is material within the material body and materially activates the material body to evolve within the material world to material/supermaterial Godhood. The soul is said to be non-material and spiritual, and is claimed to be part of the spiritual Godhood that the soul seeks.

Tirips is not Godhood, it is the primal activation to Godhood, it does not intellectually know Godhood, whereas the soul is said to intellectually know Godhood and is a spiritual part of Godhood within the body.

Tirips essentially defines “life” since it is that which activates life within every cell of the body, then outside natural selection and evolution adapt life to what is best for successful survival and reproduction. The soul is a non-material intellectual vision; the beatific vision, like nirvana, is a peak material experience brought on by severe ascetic restrictions of the body and is not a transcendence of the natural material functions.

The ascetic vision of the soul and spiritual Godhood has put up a great spiritual blockade against material life evolving to Godhood. Some, like Nietzsche, thought it was an intentional blockade designed to give power to the spiritual priests, but it was probably more ignorance and misunderstanding.

We can call that ignorance and misunderstanding of Godhood and the soul the groping first attempts at understanding man and God, but that Involutionary Inward Path to the soul or father-within is transformed in the Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution to ascending levels of real Godhood. We can conservatively retain them both in the Twofold Path.

A new Mass of Celebration needs to be created celebrating the material evolution of life to ascending levels of supermaterial Godhood in the Outward Path, which can be conservatively added to the old sacred Mass of ascetic sacrifice in the traditional Inward Path. In the Twofold Path the hero can supersede the saint.

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