Sunday, December 01, 2019

Climate change is happening, but blaming humans solely for the change is where the hoax comes in

Below is a graph used by Thomas B. Fowler, professor of engineering at George Mason University, showing temperature change over the past 450,000 years based on ice core samples, with recent instrumental record added.

Fowler asks, “What percent of recent warming can reasonably be attributed to human activity? The answer appears to be “some,” but we cannot say definitively how much. It depends, partly, on how much confidence one places in the hockey stick graph.”

But Fowler goes on to say the “level of consumption is undesirable for several reasons that have nothing to do with global warming: (1) we need to husband resources for future generations—the supply of fossil fuels is not unlimited (sustainability); (2) use of fuels imported from unstable regions of the world leaves us vulnerable to geopolitical events that could interrupt our supply; and (3) we should seek to reduce pollution, and burning of many types of fossil fuel leads to relatively high pollution levels. This means that the question of fossil fuel use and conservation should be decoupled from that of global warming. The ideal solution would be to fund alternative energy research to find alternative heat and carbon-neutral ways of generating power.”

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