Thursday, April 04, 2019

On most days I have accepted my social fate

A while back at a small social gathering I was talking to a liberal about foreign aid in general---I know, you're not supposed to talk politics at social gatherings but small talk is so boring---and at one point they suddenly asked me if I was anti-Semitic. I said, "I am against any race or ethnic group declaring that they are superior or chosen over any other race or ethnic group, whether they are Nazis or Zionists." They responded with, "I think that's a disguise for antisemitism." I answered, "Did you not hear what I just said?" They asked, "Why the hostility?" I said, "I am completely calm." I was calm. They just shook their head at me as if shaming a child and moved away. Now that made me feel hostile. But I settled for an Old Fashioned on the rocks.

That sort of thing happened at other gatherings in trying to discuss economics (I prefer economic nationalism), immigration (I prefer stopping it), etc, etc. And don't even ask me about trying to discuss human nature, or ethnostates, or the ethnopluralism of ethnostates which I prefer, or evolutionary religion.  Both the left and the right don't get it.

I have thought, perhaps if I was more humorous?  But that always seemed to me like a cop out, avoiding commitment or responsibility. Finally I decided that not socializing was a better solution than gulping Old Fashions. So of course now the word is that I am anti-social. I am not...But on most days I have accepted my social fate.

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