Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How the United States could last another several hundred years, at least (reblog from 2015)

Sometimes it's disheartening to realize that even as “Affirmative Action” is slowly being understood to really be reverse discrimination---for example, giving 20 points to underrepresented minorities for admission to various universities, or one fifth of those points needed, regardless of their test scores---we do still nevertheless have the concept of “discrimination” even in the face of many years of evolutionary science, from Darwin to Edward Wilson's sociobiology, showing that human nature is kin-centered, and is ethnocentric, even xenophobic, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection.
Rather than trying to force assimilation, which rational people can see is not working in the United States (and elsewhere), we should by now be gradually protecting unique ethnic cultures living within their own geographical localities and states. This would seem to mean a gradual acceptance of Black states in the South, Hispanic states in the West, White states in the Midwest, and even mixed states in the East, or some version of these, if any kind of peace and order will take place.
But with cultural Marxism now largely---and uncomfortably---in place in the United States, a natural geographical ethnopluralism does seem difficult to bring about. But if we could put this natural political behavior in place, over time, legally, in the United States---which already has a separation of powers and states on paper---we could perhaps last another several hundred years, at least. Perhaps it will happen anyway, given human nature, one way or another. It's what always happens when empires fall.

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