Saturday, August 05, 2017

Why we don't mind our own business

The main problem is the leftists and neoconservatives don't know what "our own" means. People on the left as well as the neoconservatives believe that "our own" means the whole world, mainly because they believe that we are all the same and the only differences come from cultural conditioning---although the neoconservatives are really more of a cabal thinking they are a superior elite. Human nature is almost completely malleable to these people and with virtually no input from the biological and genetic foundation of human nature, which they consider to be bad and even evil. Leftists and global corporations are in effect joined in this big lie.

The solution to these lies that help explain why we don't mind our own business is to reverse the lies and define "our business" as being biologically centered, which means we are naturally kin-centered, ethnocentric, populist, nationalistic---that is, human nature is all the things the left and the neoconservatives consider politically incorrect. We could then see that this naturally leads toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, adapted just a bit in the U. S. from the constitutional separation of powers and states that already exists but is not much followed. We would then know how to mind our own business because we would know what our business is.

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