Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Ending the great mystic war

It is diabolical of the Traditionalist School to preach of an occult war, with them as the good-guy-Christ preaching spiritualism, with the bad guys as Lucifer or Ahriman preaching materialism. This needs to be turned upside down to see the truth.

It is the non-material spiritual definition of God---therefore defining nothing---which has blocked the material evolution to real Godhood for so many centuries.

"Dead matter" doesn't chain us down, it is spiritualism that has prevented matter---which is very much alive---from evolving to supermaterial Godhood.

You want "counter-tradition" that is counter-tradition. But it is a counter tradition which knows the importance of real conservative tradition grounded in successful survival and reproduction, as life evolves toward Godhood in the material world.

The spiritual mystics play deadly occult games as life on earth fades away.

The philosophy of theological materialism seeks to end the great mystic war so we can get on with the sacred mission of evolving to real Godhood, with religion and science in tow.

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