Thursday, August 10, 2017

Modern liberals are more close-minded than conservatives

When in conversation with a liberal even the slightest hint of the conservative worldview and you can watch them blink and close down their minds never to be opened again with any argument. It's amazing and contrary to the stereotypes.

This liberal close-mindedness has increased over the years as the corrupt Big Media has filled the world with fake left-leaning news. Now liberals are moving beyond closed minds and shutting down lectures at colleges and universities, and even taking to the streets to do it. Free speech is not allowed for non-liberals.

Liberals seem to base their world view on the idea that all the problems in the world are caused by not loving everyone in the world equally as you would love your own kin, or by redneck conservatives thinking that all people are not the same. The fact that this cultural Marxism is contrary to everything we know about real human nature is one of the things liberals close their minds to.

Then there is the "divide and rule" tactics of the more underground liberals, and various hostile lobbies, the moles who dig within organizations and then as insiders cause civil war within the organizations---the far-right and far-left keep falling for this, never learning. But now Deep State intelligence organizations are causing the same civil war from within as they try to destroy the Trump administration (and seem to be succeeding).

Empires fall this way. We can hope that real America will still exist when the bogus and corrupt empire falls, that is, the real America of the constitutional separation of powers and states, which one day should become an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, finally in harmony with kin-centered and ethnocentric human nature, protected by a toned-down federalism.

Meanwhile I think I will try to learn to close down to modern liberals the way they close down to conservatives. It will save lost time.

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