Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charleston and the Confused Right and Left

Bewildered conservatives always react to racial violence on the right or left---such as the recent violence in Charleston Virginia---by declaring that we are all Americans and patriots and we should not identify as race, gender, religion, etc. But that never solves the problem, which has only gotten worse.

It has gotten worse mainly because that definition of patriotism doesn't harmonize with real human nature, which is genetically kin-centered and ethnocentric. Both the left and the right have denied what we actually are as human beings!

In our ignorance (and with some treachery) we allowed huge numbers of immigrants into America who naturally could not assimilate because they were so different from American citizens and they preferred there own people and their own cultures.

Must we have a civil war first, or a fascism on the left that forces us to admit the impossible claim that we are all the same, as the short-lived Soviet Union tried to do? Fascism on the right won't work either, a one-race America is also impossible with the large unassimilating population mix in America today.

There was a brief time when William Buckley had the chance to include ethnic identity as important within the conservative program, but he rejected it, and we ended up with the neoconservative globalists, who have trashed traditional America. Personally I put ethnic identity right back in conservatism as a vital base for conservative order and harmony.

Is it soon time to try using what has been tearing us apart to put us back together again, as the ostracized genius Wilmot Robertson once suggested? Will we ever be wise enough to develop an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, based on real human nature, which could be adapted from the American constitutional separation of powers and states?  I hope this can be at least started before we fall apart completely.

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