Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The impossible task liberals have demanded of the police

Most people know that schoolyard combatants need to be separated, but if they later continue to fight---even after the liberal teachers demand love and togetherness---then what? The reality is that people with distinct differences may never get along, even when totalitarian force is applied, and for whatever peace is possible, a permanent separation is needed.

The hard reality is that in every human culture ever studied, human nature has included kin-selection preferences, hierarchy, division of labor, gender differentiation, localism, and ethnocentrism---even to the point of xenophobia---and group-selection has been the main unit of selection. If a culture proposes to not include these things, the culture does not last long and always returns to these things. These things also happen to be at the core of conservatism and tradition, whereas many of these traits are missing in, say, communism, modern liberalism, and post-modernism.

When Teddy Kennedy needed to prove his liberal worth with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 it vastly and purposefully increased the number of people from the “third world” who were distinctly different from Americans, and who when they arrived naturally preferred their own kind. Now 21 million illegal immigrants from Mexico, Haiti, Nicaragua, etc. are following the same behavior, they don't fully assimilate because human nature will not let them fully assimilate.

And today once again the black/white battles of the 1960's have returned, with the hated police in the middle. This has created the impossible task liberals have demanded of the police, to try deal with distinctly different combatants who will not really get along.

The hard reality which Americans and the West will have to face is that whatever peace is possible in the world requires the separation of distinct people and distinct cultures into regions and states, which defines ethnopluralism. The United States Constitution with its separation of powers and states could even accommodate this solution. It is hoped that modern liberals will one day see that this is the most humane way to deal with real human nature. I'll bet the beleaguered police already sense this is true.

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