Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How seeking Godhood unites religion, art, and material evolution

At this stage in our evolution, Godhood is almost a mystical goal, but this vision helps carry us forward in material evolution to supermaterial Godhood, which we can affirm in religion and art. This is not a spiritual goal, it is a material or supermaterial goal, it is a sacred goal grounded in the reality of the material world.

Beauty can be a leading guide in religion, art, and evolution by seeking ultimate beauty, truth and goodness, and thinking of these sacred things as united in Godhood, at the zenith of evolution. This is not merely the Idea of beauty, truth and goodness, as in Plato---and as in the traditional religious mystical vision---this defines the real living objects of evolved Godhood.

We can know Godhood with this scientific-intuitive-artistic way of seeing and knowing in religion, art, and in material/supermaterial evolution. This is the worldview of theological materialism.  This is how seeking Godhood unites religion, art, and material evolution.

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