Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is there a solution to the ongoing cultural, religious and ethnic destruction?

Essentially, it is not violent Islamic militants, black radicals, sadistic police, neo-fascists, the Jewish lobby, or the global one-percent who are the root cause of our ongoing cultural, religious and ethnic destruction, the root cause is the un-mixing, non-integrating, un-assimilating behavior of real human nature, which remains deeply kin-centered and group-centered.

Even though assimilation and one-worldism are preached daily as the only solution, these groups are simply too different from one another to get along well, or assimilate. The only long-term solution I have been able to see that would stand a chance of stopping the ongoing cultural, religious and ethnic destruction is the natural separations of ethnopluralism. That is, regions and states set aside for the various cultural, religious and ethnic groups, and then actually protecting their independence with some sort of federalism. I even think that the U.S. Constitution with its separation of powers and states could adapt to ethnopluralism.

When considering an even deeper solution to our destruction, I agree with the Carl Schmitt line that “all modern political teachings are secularized theological concepts.” I affirm the religious philosophy of theological materialism, which can religiously and philosophically help organize our future evolution on earth and out into the cosmos over the very long-term.

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