Thursday, November 05, 2015

Looking beyond reality to miss-define reality

When we look through the world of “appearance” we should not look beyond life and beyond reality to define reality, as too many philosophers and ascetics have done. Whitney Oates mentions the Greek Sophist Gorgias who went as far as to write a book called, “On Nature, or the Non-existent.” Even supreme wisdom has to be embodied, it does not stand alone outside the world.

This world is not the reflection or appearance of reality, this world is reality, including Godhood which we evolve to in this world. Defining this world as being less valuable than a “non-material” world has blocked our material evolution toward supermaterial Godhood.

Think of the amazing ethical and aesthetic experience that supreme wisdom would bring if wisdom was embodied in a supremely beautiful and supremely evolved body. Ideas, formulas, words are of course important, but they are not Gods and they should be considered secondary to the things they define. Ethical and aesthetic values need to relate to the real material world and not to the non-material world---this means that religion, philosophy and art need the reform of theological materialism.

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