Monday, November 16, 2015

Non-assimilation offers a solution in the Middle East and everywhere

Assimilation has deep cultural, biological, and psychological components. The real antidote to most of the world's problems is not globalism, centralization, counter-revolution, cultural imperialism, military intervention, or massive immigration, the real antidote is devolution, separation, and moving from the big to the small. Distinct characteristics set people apart, as the solid evolutionary sciences have been telling us for many years, and it is overdo time to acknowledge our unassimilable differences.

Not only in the Middle East but in Europe, Russia, even China, as well as the United States, we will eventually need to devolve and separate into small states, ethnic cultures, or ethnostates, with some sort of protecting federalism---for example, ethnopluralism applied to a three-state solution in warring Syria, or a long overdo two-state solution in Israel/Palestine.

Those who support massive immigration, cultural imperialism, and globalism, are recognizable enemies of world peace and order. This is not advocating isolationism, we can deal with one another, but not through the forced assimilation of people and cultures which cannot be assimilated. Devolution, separation, and ethnopluralism are the most sane, rational, and even emotionally satisfying long-term solution.

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