Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Intellectuals and the Real

It seems to me that the will-to-power of intellectuals and priests has typically attempted to bury reality in ideas. Contrary to Plato and to traditional religions, the world of sights and sounds ranks higher than the world of ideas. The Gods of philosophers and ascetics tend to be Ideas, sacred Words, an inner experience of bliss, which they call the God or Father Within.

It is sights and sounds that are anchored in reality, and the realm of Ideas are only a reflection of reality. This is how we unblock the Great Spiritual Blockade which has blocked, or at least slowed, our evolution toward Godhood for thousands of years.

Godhood is material or supermaterial, and this puts Godhood in the world and of the world. We do not have to reject traditional religious Ideas, but we can see the Inward-Path-God of religion, and the Ideas of Plato, as only a first symbolic glimpse of real Godhood which can be reached through material/supermaterial evolution in the Outward Path.

In the same way it is not the Idea of Beauty that is most beautiful, it is object of the beautiful definition that is beautiful. The Idea only dimly reflects real material beauty, not the other way around. The same goes for the beautiful formulas of mathematics which only reflect the real object they define.

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