Wednesday, November 04, 2015

How Beauty Could Guide Evolution

When I speculate on the values of our future evolution I am tempted to give intelligence or higher consciousness top value, but then I remember that intelligence without goodness, without good character, can create monsters. But where does Beauty belong in evaluating evolution?

It seems to me that Beauty includes all the values, a more whole or total vision of reality, which  would include the zenith of material/supermaterial evolution. Beauty might lead our definition of Godhood in helping to guide ongoing evolution toward Godhood.

I would probably accept Plato's position on Beauty that it has the most complete embodiment in things of sense (see Whitney Oates writings). The view of Godhood in theological materialism is that the material and supermaterial---not the non-material---define Godhood as the zenith of evolution, and this could relate to the complete embodiment of Beauty in things of the senses.

The whole inner being, the whole consciousness seems to be working in experiencing Beauty, which seems more total than when contemplating such things as justice, courage, or even wisdom.

Then there is the living reality that material life is advanced in evolution through reproduction and survival. In our sexual reproduction, Beauty has been a leading indicator of high value. Intelligence, power, goodness are highly prized, but the first choice, the choice of the whole being---if people are honest---does seem to be Beauty. The whole being seems to be involved in desiring and experiencing Beauty.

In speculating here about the place of Beauty, I see that Beauty is hard to define in words, but for me, this positively relates to my view that words, even sacred words and sacred Ideas, are only a reflection of the real object, which is contrary to Plato. The material object is more important than the idea of the object in the epistemology of theological materialism, and that includes Godhood.

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