Tuesday, November 24, 2015

If they can sell cultural rubbish than we can sell the sociobiological view of human nature

“ Democratic sentiment in America is little more than a reflex of market imperatives.” (Jack Trotter, Chronicles, Oct. 2015)....I agree with that quote, and I say that if they can sell cultural rubbish than we can sell the sociobiological view of human nature, which can logically lead to independent regions and states, or ethnostates, for ethnic cultures, and the return to conservative values in general, which are in harmony with real kin-selecting and group-selecting human nature.

The media in general, particularly the entertainment industry, have been the main sellers of the various brands of cultural rubbish, such as homosexuality, radical feminism, license for all sexual acts, wide open national borders, and so on, but big business, the academic world, and politicians have followed the money and pushed the same cultural rubbish. This is what democracy has become.

So who owns the media, who rules the academic world, who runs big businesses, who are the venal politicians? Can they be reformed without a radical revolution? I am optimistic that reform, not revolution, can happen. As I wrote here yesterday: “life,” that is, metabolism, growth, reproduction, implies strong direction toward an end, at least toward survival and reproductive success, or evolutionary success in the world, no-matter what obstacles are presented, and life has had many extremely difficult obstacles to overcome. Do we have a choice?

I believe that the best solution to future political catastrophe calls for ethnopluralism not nationalism, federalism not fascism, but with an economic nationalism that certainly protects the independence of the regions and states, which would be largely ethnostates. This could be conservatively (therefore not radically) adapted to the U. S. Constitution with its separation of powers and states.

But I also believe our recovery needs to be deeply grounded in the religious philosophy of theological materialism if it wants to be more than stale preaching or more than a market strategy. As I have also  written here often, history is material evolution moving toward not a spiritual but a supermaterial Godhood. This is optimistic, not pessimistic news. History can be seen as a process of emancipation, but not emancipation from the material world, which is devolution toward spiritual nothingness. Materialism evolves to supermaterial Godhood, which is the zenith of materialism, with starts, stops, and backward-going along the way, and our sacred mission is to help life and nature evolve toward Godhood.

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