Monday, November 26, 2012

Why evolutionary realism in the arts

Do we seek the clarity of the classicist or the infinite (Burke's sublime) of the romantic in the arts? Adapting Robert Ellwood's view of Carl Jung and Burke, I would say our ignorance of Godhood causes us to give form to archetypes going forward in evolution to Godhood and inward to the Spirit-Will which activates life.

As Kant said we cannot fully know reality but I add that we will know reality when we evolve to Godhood, than we will also know truth and beauty. This is a romantic notion but since it also seeks absolute truth it seeks the clarity of classicism.

I split the difference and use the term evolutionary realism as less weighted than romantic classicism, and also since evolution is so central to the theological materialism of the Evolutionary Christian Church.  This also blends the Darwinian and the phenomenological as discussed yesterday.

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