Monday, November 19, 2012

Long-term compassion in statistics and biology

Statistical and biological judgments are often thought of as cold, but there is such a thing as long-term and short-term compassion, and statistics and biology can certainly show long-term compassion.

For example, about one out of one hundred new genetic mutations are accepted, the rest are rejected, but evolution is very slow and cruel and creates much misery in rejecting negative mutations. A few brave social psychologists have suggested that this misery can be alleviated to a certain extent by recognizing early genetic problems before the birth of the infant, who will suffer greatly, along with the family and society, and the birth can be compassionately aborted.

Who or what is blocking this long-term compassion? Usually completely selfish special interest groups, or blindly dogmatic religious groups who actually want to increase their number, at least unconsciously, but cannot see the suffering they are causing in the process, which in the end often does not increase their numbers and lowers their own quality.

Surely we can progress to this level of compassion, before we move on to the next level of actively seeking positive genetic mutations. The sacred mission of all groups is to evolve to Godhood and we need to have real long-term compassion if we are to evolve.

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