Thursday, November 29, 2012

How To Evolve

I approve of a blend of the natural process and genetic engineering in developing positive genetic mutations as we evolve toward Godhood. I don't approve of becoming trans-human cyborgs because we can lose actual life that way, replaced by artificial life. Artificial life, computers, etc. can aid in our evolution, but we don't want to become computers.

The natural process of evolution goes on, but it's slow and can cause much suffering as only about one in one hundred mutations are considered advantageous and the rest are often cruelly rejected. Speeding up this process can be considered humane and compassionate. We need to become more intelligent with more virtuous character as fast as we can to solve the big problems of survival on earth and in the cosmos.

But Wilson and Cattell and others have shown us that there are limits to cultural side-effects that go too far. As the body rejects transplants in proportion to genetic distance, so cultural transplants are not assimilated in proportion to their cultural distance. This is human nature.  But short-term thinking and selfishness are also part of human nature, special-interests have tried to block human nature and block human evolution for selfish ends.

People have insisted on world equality, or that all-humans-are-alike, or on the other hand, people have imperialistically or racially exploited other nations, which does not relate harmoniously for long with real human nature. I believe the best way to harmonize political structures with human nature and forward evolution is to have small states or ethnostates protected in their independence and variety by light federalism and subsidiarity. I think evolutionary religion working with sociobiological science can be the best monitors of our long evolution. And voluntary compliance and not coercion is not only the civilized way to go but the practical way to go, given human nature. 

We have a very long way to evolve to Godhood and we will need Ordered Evolution to get there.

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