Friday, November 30, 2012

Reviving The World

The problem arises when religion, philosophy, science and mathematical models move beyond the actual object, beyond models of physical reality, beyond location, mass and extension. Even our theoretical, ideal or phenomenological models need to be seen as physical or super-physical reality with location, mass and extension. We have been playing intellectual games without rules.

The world can be revived not by traditional religion, the Enlightenment, psychology, or political means alone but by evolutionary religious goals which can synthesize these fields. We apply evolution to Godhood as both religious and scientific goals because Godhood is understood as a physical or super-physical reality and not as a non-material entity without location, mass or extension.

We can awaken human beings to the material Spirit-Will which activates material life to evolve to Godhood, and is then shaped by the back and forth of natural evolution. This can bring conscious control of the unconscious fires below, which affirms and civilizes the beast of materialism without trying to block or extirpate  materialism or the goal of this zenith of the instincts.

We can bring back the lost universal hero in the language of both myth and science to help liberate the people from devolution and destruction by unblocking the path of our evolution to Godhood.
What more would you want? Life deserves no less.

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