Saturday, November 17, 2012

What is the temperament for finding the truth about the decline of the West?

Can we see root causes more than merely the symptoms, can we see what we may not want to see? What is the temperament for finding the truth?

Seeking the truth involves more than intelligence and diligent scholarship, there is an element of self-abasement in finding the truth, which can be related to different temperaments of people. One often has to accept things that do not conform to ones previous opinions, and this is where the self-abasement comes in, which was probably evolved to allow people to have reverence and admiration for things that help societies work, groups over individuals.  And courage to see the truth is involved here too.

Social psychologists have even found that different religions, or different interpretations of religions, seem to relate at least somewhat to the temperaments and the unique environments and territories of a people. For example, the resignation of Buddhism, and the guilt or humility of Christianity, or Protestantism in Northern Europe and Catholicism in Southern Europe, with the different temperaments of these places and people.

I believe the root cause of the decline of the West is not so much that we have turned away from traditional religion, not that we have embraced such things as usury, not that we have rejected the leadership of the Pope, and so on, these are only symptoms of the tragic mistake the great religions made in trying to block material evolution to Godhood. By essentially recognizing only the God Within, or the Father Within, a Great Spiritual Blockade was put up against natural, healthy, and sacred evolution to real Godhood in the cosmos.

But the answer is not atheism, the answer is not to reject religion, the answer is no the "God is dead" of Nietzsche. The God Within, the Father Within has been experienced. The problem is that the Father Within is only a mirror image of real Godhood which is reached through material and super-material evolution. The Father Within can help us understand the Godhood we are evolving to. We do not need to fight against the very zenith of our instincts which seeks to activate material life to evolve to Godhood.

History has shown that human change is best made conservatively, the new needs to be included with the old, evolution not revolution has the most long-term success.

Time will tell if we can see the root causes more than merely the symptoms of our decline. All life depends on the outcome.

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