Sunday, November 25, 2012

How the Darwinian and phenomenological can work together

Reproduction and natural selection are basic, we are programmed by our genes to seek survival success, but there is more to the program than reproduction and natural selection which can take us beyond or beneath the Darwinian theory. A Spirit-Will activates life first and life is then shaped by evolution---this is more precisely called the Spirit-Will-To- Godhood. We are alive not merely to reproduce and survive but so that life may evolve to Godhood, this is the goal of the Spirit-Will which activates within material life.

I don't see a rivalry between the Darwinian and this religious account. They require each other to be complete. This worldview remains a materialist ontology with the additions of the Spirit-Will, the supermaterial and Godhood, not yet defined by science but known through intellectual intuition and faith. The Darwinian and phenomenological accounts this way can work together.

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