Friday, November 23, 2012

Shaping birthrates and genetics

I believe we need to improve the intelligence and character of our leaders in all fields, but the average person also needs to rise in intelligence and character. Raymond Cattell courageously wrote about shaping birthrates and improving intelligence and character in leaders, but also shaping traits toward fitting the occupational and cultural needs of a given society.

Shaping against negative genetic traits should already be taking place to rid ourselves of the terrible suffering of the worst diseases. We still intervene socio-medically in saving negative traits that cause great suffering, which means we no longer have the often harsh natural selection of birth rates that we had in Paleolithic times.

Those who have trans-valued the humanness of shaping genetics into being defined as evil are almost criminal in what they have done. It is our ethical duty to recognize future generations. Many of those who object to genetic shaping in society take full advantage of genetic science in their own lives, marriages and groups.

"Assortative mating,” where people tend to choose people like themselves, for example, with similar I.Q.'S, whether high or low, needs to have full freedom, and this can apply to similar people within regions and small states as well---this is the most natural thing in nature. There are always exceptional individuals who rise out of exceptional conditions which must be acknowledged, but it is time to pay attention to statistics and biology in improving social and genetic fitness. China was thinking statistically about starvation with its one-child policy.

As readers know I consider this is a religious mission since we need to evolve all the way to Godhood in the cosmos.

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