Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The cultural power of small states

Small states have a better chance, perhaps the only chance, for the stylistic and organic unity of genuine and original culture, large states tend to be made up of borrowing and imitation and a jumble of styles and people. Real cultures show real original art and ability, reflecting their organic unity. Light federalism or subsidiarity needs to be seen as not much more than protecting the independence of the real cultures of small states. A republic like Switzerland which is a confederation with no direct power over its citizens is probably asking for too much, given human nature, so light federalism or subsidiary protecting small states is more realistic.

We are all human beings but we are made of a variety of states and ethnic groups and styles which need to be affirmed if we are to have real cultures. This is common sense obscured by those with special interests, such as promoting only production, information, the military, etc. America needs to return to the cultural power of small states protected by a light federalism. I dare say this probably applies to Europe and China as well. Political groupings larger than small states often become imperialistic and a universal mix that is the opposite of real culture, which defines barbarism.

What takes this worldview beyond the Darwinian struggles of present mankind (even as it certainly includes the Darwinian) is religion, which is needed for any culture to last. Religion brings sublime character and tone and guiding belief to culture. But it is vital for religion to affirm variety, small states, and evolution within and without, which leads to real culture, and not universal sameness, imperialism and barbarism, the antithesis of culture.  The one "universal" grounded in the activating Spirit-Will, is our evolution to Godhood as the divine goal of all cultures.

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