Friday, November 16, 2012

The assent to objects over propositions in theological materialism

The philosopher is concerned with truth, the religious mystic is concerned with experiencing enlightenment, the evolutionary religion I affirm is first concerned with the actual object of material evolution and secondarily concerned with truth and enlightenment. This is the object-first evolutionary reality I work with.

The object is defined only later as truth, object-less truth is secondary. Godhood is a supermaterial living object, or objects, not merely a symbol, definition or proposition, and not merely an experience. This theological materialism brings philosophy and religion down to earth, yet it moves beyond the terrain of the earth out into the cosmos as we evolve.

The ironic thing is this perspective is arrived at by fiercely seeking the "truth" from all sources, including intellectual intuition, and truth from the heart. This means the way of life and the way of evolution become as important as truth seeking. To change a Walter Kaufmann phrase, this is an assent of objects over propositions.

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