Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Healing the Various Groups

In social and political matters I tend to think in terms of the Spirit-Will---usually an unconscious thing---that activates material life, which is then shaped by outside evolution, more than I think in terms of individual differences in people and groups. However, material life has been mapped for years by science, and the evolutionary science of sociobiology has taught us that men evolved through group-selection which largely created the ethics within groups. This means that group-selection must be included in social and political matters and must be harmonized with the activating Spirit-Will through science and religion.

This also means it is healthy to reaffirm groups and group-selection. It is time to get past the fear of “stirring up” group concerns. The response to the disasters of World War Two was to chop off all group-bonding and center only on the individual, which is what individual therapeutic psychology and philosophy did, and this actually hurt group ethics.

Helping the world does not mean withdrawing from the world, as in Gnostic concerns only with attaining the Father Within. The Godhood first seen inwardly is reached by the Outward Path of evolution. Recent talk of secession from the federation is also not the answer because it is federalism (like subsidiarity) which protects the freedom of individual groups and states. We need to center on the freedom of groups and small states, affirming cooperative competition. Then we can all get on with the sacred mission of evolving out into the cosmos toward Godhood.

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