Monday, October 15, 2012

Science can be the Logos of religion

It is thought that there can be no science of God. I disagree. We evolve to Godhood materially-supermaterially and there can therefore be a science of God. But many elements of Godhood will need to be answered when we evolve further. The block between science and religion has mainly been because of the insistence on an exclusively non-material spiritual definition of God.

Both the God Within or Father Within of traditional religion and the Godhood without of the ECC are vague and difficult to define, but they can be defined enough to set the framework for moral and social behavior in our evolution to Godhood. The Twofold Path tells us that the Father Within can give us a good hint of what real Godhood is like when attained through evolution. One needs to experience the Father Within, which makes it more difficulty to put in words.

The ideas and experiences implicit in the Father Within of the Inward Path are clarified in Godhood of the Outward Path. Godhood and evolution seen this way can make science the Logos of religion.

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