Monday, October 29, 2012

Godhood is not a cyborg

Future computer robots will support humans with a very high quality of life. Genetic engineering may provide cures for most diseases. We can greatly improve our lives with nanotechnology. Molecular electronics will very soon allow us to build computers a million times more powerful than personal computers today. This is all fine and good, assuming the great danger from self-replicating engineered organism is understood. But I am astounded at how many singularitarians and trans-humanist's don't seem to have a problem accepting the idea that robots will eventually succeed human beings and make us extinct!

In the ethical dimension concerning the new technologies, human-induced natural evolution will compete with human-induced cyborg evolution, at first, until the cyborgs supposedly replace human beings. I consider it unethical and dangerous for future human and post-human evolution to fuse with robots, or to become robots.

We will, assuming we survive, develop computers that can do most things better than humans, but humans, and post-humans, need to have control over the machines. As Bill Joy and others have pointed out, computer robots making their own decisions could view humans as using up resources the robots require and so they could get rid of humans.

We do not want to replace humans, we want to evolve beyond humans to future species, higher species, and eventually we want to evolve all the way to Godhood. If we become robots we become extinct. We cannot  achieve real immortality by downloading our minds or our consciousness into machines, that is not immortality that is death.

I have always sensed a sidestepping or even a timidity leading to bias among many of the singulatarians against the subject of future natural human evolution because the subject of real post-human evolution has been politically incorrect. But who will be the elites who decree our merging or oneness with robots, and how will they be different from the World War Two dictators they fear?

I affirm the idea of a moral future with codes to deal with technical advancement. Between nature and machines I am on the side of nature. We must not ignore the order, or disorder, of nature. Nature is bigger than human inventions. We can be aided by new technology, but not destroyed by new technology. I believe that life is evolving beyond the human species to Godhood, so I am certainly not a Luddite.  Our mission is to help life---not merely artificial life---evolve to Godhood, and Godhood is not a cyborg.

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