Friday, October 05, 2012

Bonding against envy in evolution

Even though it has been well researched for years that achievement in society is improved with higher IQ levels, this is not fully accepted, bias and envy and competition continue to block this important knowledge.

Our religion can help in bonding against envy when we affirm at least raising the level of those with IQ's of 120 and above so that gifted talents can help us better manage our survival and evolution. Of course character needs to be selected along with intelligence, we do not need intelligent monsters. In democracies, as Cattell pointed out, we need to make sure that the level at the bottom is brought up as well as the top to avoid envy and too large a separation in education levels.

If the general IQ of humanity goes down, with all the complicated challenges we face now and in the future, our survival potential will also go down. Our religion can help in promoting universal ethics for all groups evolving to Godhood, as well as particular groups, by bringing up the lower groups along with the top groups. 

These things have to stop being considered politically incorrect. The motives of those who are blocking these things do not always look so noble, but it seems to be more that complicated things are harder to accept than simple things. Humans are capable of this evolutionary strategy, and these improvements are necessary if we are to survive into the more complicated future.

There is also our divine mission of evolving to Godhood, which is the most important reason of all to keep evolving toward truth, beauty and virtue.

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