Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cooperative competition hates autocracy

Competition is a natural check on the permanent ascendance of any state or people or individual. Early Nietzsche thought this “agonism” or competition was what made the Ancient Greeks great, before the Persian war used up all their cultural energy. With cooperative competition everyone benefits, even the losers, in numerous ways---when one person, even when one innovative genius competes with another, we all advance.

The Founders of America more or less understood how competition prevents autocracy, although the independence of individual states has been greatly corrupted by an increasingly autocratic government. This is why I affirm light federalism and subsidiary protecting many small states, or ethnostates, where cooperative competition creates greatness. If we are to evolve to Godhood, the divine goal of life, our evolution depends on cooperative competition.

Humans are capable of this, but it does mean a constant vigilance toward evolution, and against devolution.

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