Monday, October 08, 2012

How To Civilize The Beast

In “The Politics of Myth,” Robert Ellwood speaks of how Carl Jung thought that Christianity had split the German barbarian into an upper and lower half, repressing the lower, primitive side, which still needed to be channeled into the upper, civilized, Christian and rational side.

Sociobiology and our religion explain this dilemma with the Twofold Path. The Inward Path of all the Great Religions leads to the Father Within, and the Outward Path activates and leads life to Godhood, shaped by evolution. This is how we integrate the human psyche (not just the Germans) but also materialism and spiritualism, religion and science.

The tension between the collective unconscious and the individual in Jung is resolved with universal, group and individual ethics combining in our religious philosophy. All life, all people are universally evolving to Godhood, within their particular groups and states, and individuals within the groups are evolving, changing and then adapting to their own group, and also adjusting to universal human evolution.

The Spirit-Will within all life is not a "beast," it seeks Godhood by activating material life to evolve to Godhood in the cosmos, shaped by varied evolution. This is what needs to be channeled into culture and civilization, and balanced in individuals. This is how we bring together the "lower" and "upper" halves of all of us. This is how we civilize the beast. 

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