Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A powerful force to awaken

The experiences and ideas of the Inward Path to the Father Within are clarified in the material evolution of the Outward Path to Godhood.

Freedom as “de-worldlization,” no desires, no materialism, no world, is the Inward Path. Is that not death? As a matter of fact mystics say that the bliss of the Soul is reached by dying to the world. Mystics do reach this state, in all religions, although it is rare.  Atheists are wrong to deny this state.

The good news of the Twofold Path in the ECC is that dying to the world applies only to the Inward Path. The Outward Path is the path that leads life to Godhood, shaped by material and supermaterial evolution.

But the Outward Path is not the path of hedonistic materialism, it is the path of conscious applied evolution and not the path of devolution.

Theological materialism is awakening the ground of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood which activates life to Godhood---a powerful force to awaken.

Without the actual supreme natural object Godhood, abstract definitions and experiences of the inward God are incomplete and only a mirror of Godhood. But supermaterial Godhood in still not reached by humanity and needs to be evolved to in the cosmos, idealism is still required in this naturalistic world. Romantic-classicism and evolutionary realism aiding religion can help inspire us in our evolution.

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